(BN) EU’S HFC Ban May Reflect Politics More Than Climate,

folks...has today's proposal cleared up confusion about the phase II true up during the four months through April 30 2013? how? how not? comments my way

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EU'S HFC Ban May Reflect Politics More Than Climate, CMIA Says
2010-11-25 14:44:57.348 GMT

By Catherine Airlie
Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- The European Union's proposal to ban
credits linked to hydrofluorocarbon in its cap-and-trade program
is "retrospective" and may be driven more by politics than
environmental concern, a traders association said.
"The decision will apply to the final true-up of phase two
of the EU ETS and is therefore retrospective in nature,"
the Carbon Markets & Investors Association said today in an e-
mail. The group is referring to the period between the end of
2012 and the April 2013 deadline when power stations and
factories must hand in emissions permits.
The European Commission didn't supply the data to back up
its assertions against HFC-23 projects, the association said.
"The impact assessment makes assertions about the
environmental integrity of certain project types but produces no
data to back these. it should be made publicly available. In the
absence of this data, the restrictions appear political rather
than environmental in nature."

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