Fwd: ‘Gap’ Is Most Likely Scenario on Emission Limits, Pew Says

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'Gap' Is Most Likely Scenario on Emission Limits, Pew Says
2010-12-06 19:35:37.417 GMT

By Mathew Carr
Dec. 6 (Bloomberg) -- A "gap" is likely in developed-
nation's emission limits after targets in the Kyoto Protocol
expire in 2012, an official at the Pew Center on Global Climate
Change said today.
The U.S. won't likely agree to binding cuts by then, and so
developing nations and Japan will refuse to sign onto binding
limits, Elliot Diringer, vice president of international
strategies at Pew, said in an interview at talks in Cancun,
Mexico. The carbon markets will learn to live with the gap
because there will still be demand from the European Union and
the prospects for more after the gap is over, he said.

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